Stages Cycling announced two new products, the Dash GPS computer and Link online training platform, to complement the company’s wide range of crank-arm-based power meters. The single, streamlined system promises to simplify data collection and analysis for athletes and coaches while offering online coaching and education to enhance training.

Stages GPS Bicycle Computer

“When a rider buys a power meter, they’re looking for something more than a number — they have a goal,” said Pat Warner, SVP of Stages Cycling. “This new Stages ecosystem enables all riders to maximize their performance and meet their goals, with a simple and intuitive interface featuring unrivaled customization, and training programs that learn and adapt from each rider’s unique characteristics and achievements.”

Stages’s new Dash GPS computer is loaded with customizable features and data fields. The head unit can change between landscape and portrait views and a split screen feature allows for elevation and workouts to be displayed alongside real-time metrics. As you’d expect from a power meter company, the computer is optimized for detailed training metrics and workout plans. Using the Link online platform, athletes can wirelessly download on-screen workout descriptions to the Dash and receive automated on-bike ride prompts.

Dash Computer Features:

  • Bluetooth and Ant+ power meter and device pairing
  • Automatic FTP and zone updates when paired to Stages Link training program
  • Data field customization with five screen options and 16 fields per screen
  • Rechargeable battery with micro USB
  • Compatible with third-party Ant+ and Bluetooth sensors

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