1, How is the wheel diameter determined?

– Multiply the wheel diameter in mm or cm by 3.14.                                                                                                                                          – Measure the distance traveled in one complete turn of the wheel.

2, Does the bike computer switch on/off automatically?

– The bike computer switches off automatically after five minutes (sleep mode) ,  without any speed signals or buttons pressed. For wired computers, when the signals appear, the bicycle computer will wake up immediately. For wireless bicycle computers, when you start to ride your bike,   the computers will also wake up immediately.

3, What is the MOQ for your products?

-For bike computer ,MOQ is 1000pcs with customized logo and package, 100pcs for neutral package and our logo.

-For smart wristband, MOQ is 50pcs with neutral package, 1000pcs with customized package.

4, What’s your payment terms?

-30% T/T for PO confirmation, 70%T/T before shipment. We only accept West Union and T/T.

5, Shipping method?

-By sea, by air, by DHL or other express.

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